2019 WAGS Dog Walk
First Sbup Last Company Team Name
Aaron Backer WAGS Ian's Eleven
Abby Peterson    
Alexa Gibbons NMB Branch 400  
Allen Ackers    
Amber Serbin   Boomer & The Backups
Amber Hawkey    
Anne Rogers NMB Branch 400  
Barb Hartman    
Becca Koopmans   Teachers' Pets
Ben Hendricks    
Brady Rollins   Boomer & The Backups
Brenda Aeschbach    
Claire Brunner NMB Branch 400  
Clare Hendricks    
Dan Hendricks    
David Dahnert    
Don Hartman Friends of Donald Park  
Donna Neustadter WAGS  
Dustin Serbin   Boomer & The Backups
Elizabeth Waldinger    
Elliot Backer    
Emerson Backer    
Emily Binversie   Will Walk for Pizza
Eric Bowman   Team Quartzite
Evelyn Hereley   Hereley Family
Gina and Winnie Ruchti   Teachers' Pets
Gwen Evans    
Heidi Splinter    
Helen Sullivan NMB Branch 400  
Helen Denson    
Henry Schoepke    
Jeff Schoepke    
Jeff Neustadter    
Jesi Hartman WKOW-TV Boomer & The Backups
Jill Speer    
Jim Sinclair    
Joanne Buchholz NMB Branch 400  
John Wendt    
John Wawrzonkowski    
John Bowman   Team Quartzite
Karen Wawrzonkowski    
Kelly Meyer   Boomer & The Backups
Kelsey Aouane   Pats' walkers
Laurie Peterson    
Leah Sinclair    
Leya Ruchti   Teachers Pet-Olive - Winnie - Austin
Liesel Koopmans   Teachers' Pets
Lisa Jameson    
Liz Zuege    
Lori Neumann    
Lori Bowman   Team Quartzite
Lynda Ruchti   Teachers Pet-Olive - Winnie - Austin
Lynda and pup Ruchti   Teachers' Pets
Madden Meyer    
Madonna Wendt    
Mari and Olive Koopmans   Teachers' Pets
Marioin Hereley   Hereley Family
Mark Van Den Broeke   Will Walk for Pizza
Melissa Rollins   Boomer & The Backups
Nickolas George Midwest Food Products Association  
Owen Schoepke    
Patrick Rogers NMB Branch 400  
Patrick Hereley   Hereley Family
Patty George   Pats' walkers
Patty George   Pats' walkers
Peggy Hendricks    
Penny Rollins    
Raymond Rollins 1956  
Ryan Miller    
Sara Hereley   Hereley Family
Sarah Sirios WAGS  
Sharon Schuchardt    
Sheffield Peterson    
simo aouane   Pats' walkers
Susan Backer    
Sylvie Dahnert    
Tami Wipperfurth    
Taylor DeValk    
Tim Jameson WAGS  
Vanessa Backer   Ian's Eleven
Vi Bergum NMB Branch 400  
"I do not know what your destiny will be, but the one thing I know: the only ones among you who will really be happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve."
— Albert Schweitzer
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